Tammany Hall Politics at the Hall of Administration

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by LA1 News

   Yesterday evening an event was held at the Hall of Administration in Downtown L.A. to install new officers for the Central Committee of the L.A. County Democratic Party. The Central Committee is a political advisory group made up of registered Democrats from each assembly district living within the County of Los Angeles. All eligible registered Democrats elect the members of the Central Committee every four years during the primary election, and the group meets once per month after that time to debate various bills and issues of significance for the Party.

   Last night’s event was particularly well attended in light of all the latest energy associated with the national election. “How many people are going to Philadelphia?” asked the current Los Angeles Democratic Party Chair Eric Bauman. He seemed surprised to see the number of hands in the air. Bauman was able to identify, without his notes or reading glasses, a number of VIPs in attendance, including LAUSD board member Monica Garcia, a Community College District trustee, and a few state senators and assembly persons, although there were too many in the crowd to list.

   The floor was opened to the group’s interim presiding officer, who explained the procedures for filling all the vacant slots. This was followed by an appearance by California Assembly member (AD 53) and Majority Whip Miguel Santiago. Before swearing in the newly credentialed membership, Santiago took the time to address everyone and applaud political efforts back in Sacramento, namely the $15 per hour minimum wage legislation.

   Caucus within each assembly district group assigned all vacancies, and delegation chairs and co-chairs were elected. This was followed by a swearing-in ceremony for the newly appointed members to the Committee. Finally, nomination, second, and election of all new officers within the Committee was held. The newly elected chair and officers assumed their duties, and the group continued with the regular business of the month, including old and new business and announcements.

   The event was an impressive display of old school American politics. The people were present with strength in numbers to make small sacrifices for the benefit of all, which seems appropriate in this day and age.

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