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by LA1 News Staff    Starting this year LA1 News is mapping its coverage area. LA1 News covers the City of Los Angeles and we are walking the City's entire perimeter block by block, taking pictures and plotting grid coordinates along the way. The final product, a custom GIS map of the city, will feature an interactive... + continue reading
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The Flame Broiler to Open Affordable Eatery in Highland Park

by LA1 News Desk

   The Flame Broiler restaurant chain is opening a new franchise location at the corner of North Figueroa and Avenue 57. It is the restaurant's sixth location in the City of Los Angeles. Workers on ladders were installing the signs at noon today. Brand new tables and chairs inside gave the impression that the location would open soon.

   The Flame Broiler chain operates under the slogan of “a healthy choice.” With the recent openings of the pricey Mr. T’s Bowl, coffee shops and haircut locations across the street, some locals see an advantage to franchise eateries. “The community needs restaurants that are affordable," says Mando Medina, a Highland Park anti-gentrification activist. "Twelve-dollar toast with avocado at Birdie Café is just a joke," he adds. "We need eating establishments to be affordable for people on fixed incomes who have been living here for a long time.”

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NELA Vets Gather to Denounce Bray-Ali Comments

by News Desk

   A group of NELA veterans gathered together this morning and held a news conference at Veteran's Memorial Square in Highland Park. They met in order to denounce comments written by city council candidate Joe Bray-Ali about the US Flag. The comments were made 10 years ago but are just now coming to light on a larger scale. After suffering the damage of withdrawn endorsements in response to insensitive online comments Bray-Ali made about various ethnic and social groups, his campaign is now dealing with his comments about the Flag. “Let people burn the flag all they want,' Bray-Ali wrote in his blog in 2006, "let ’em put it in their avant-garde art videos smeared in poo, let them destroy it.”

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Maverick Pro to Debut in Highland Park Tomorrow

This weekend, Highland Park will play host to Maverick Pro Wrestling. The professional wrestling event organizers will make their debut at the American Legion Post 206. The upstart company is debuting a unique blend of local talent and nationally renowned superstars.


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