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by LA1 News Staff    Starting this year LA1 News is mapping its coverage area. LA1 News covers the City of Los Angeles and we are walking the City's entire perimeter block by block, taking pictures and plotting grid coordinates along the way. The final product, a custom GIS map of the city, will feature an interactive... + continue reading
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An Analysis of the Raucous CD1 Candidate Debate

by David R. Bloom

   To describe Monday night's debate between 1st Council District incumbent Gil Cedillo and his runoff election rival Joe Bray-Ali as simply a discussion on the issue of housing, as it was designed, would be curt. It is more appropriate to elaborate on the brewing fist fights in the crowd, for example, and how they play into the story.

   The candidate debate at the Central American Resource Center near MacArthur Park was the second in the run-up for the 1st District city council race. The first debate occurred on February 16 with Bray-Ali and Cedillo, in addition to Highland Park business owner Jesse Rosas and activist Giovanni Hernandez. It was a prelude to the March 7 municipal election, which resulted in Bray-Ali able to force a runoff election on May 17 by just 130 votes.

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Series of Recent Hanging Deaths Have NELA Residents on Edge

by LA1 News

   LA1 News has verified that Los Angeles Fire Department responders arrived at 8:00 a.m. yesterday to Pasadena Avenue, just east of Carlota Boulevard, and confirmed the death of a man hanging from a tree with a rope strung around his neck. The Coroner's Office arrived shortly thereafter and removed the body on that Sunday morning without much notice. The official LAFD version of this incident, in the Sycamore Grove area of Northeast LA, was that the man was "depressed" and his death was a suicide. The name has not yet been released. End of story, right? Not so fast.

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Former Eddie's Jr. Market to Become 7-11 Convenience Store

by LA1 News

   Every Franklin High School student knows the spot well. The liquor store at the corner of Avenue 54 and York Boulevard called "Eddie's Jr. Market" was a destination for many on their way to "Stoner Park" or a ditching party, or just stopping by on the way home to grab a snack. In 1995 it was purchased by an elderly couple who changed the name to "Carl's Liquor and Jr. Market." Known for their hospitality and kindness, credit was given to local families and cheap prices contributed to the continued popularity of the spot. Another family member, Joe, ran "Mario's Liquor" just down the street and is known by longtime residents as a super-cool and kind store owner.


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