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by LA1 News Staff    Starting this year LA1 News is mapping its coverage area. LA1 News covers the City of Los Angeles and we are walking the City's entire perimeter block by block, taking pictures and plotting grid coordinates along the way. The final product, a custom GIS map of the city, will feature an interactive... + continue reading
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Maverick Pro Wrestling Expands Reach in LA

by Josh Goldstein

   Are you ready for a revolution? Maverick Pro Wrestling is a brand-new wrestling promotion that recently launched in Los Angeles. The company’s first event, "New Year’s Eve-il," was held on January 21st. The show received rave reviews from wrestling fans, with alternating chants of “This is awesome” and “This is wrestling” (the ultimate compliment a fan can pay) resonating throughout the arena.

   February will bring audiences "My Bloody Valentine," the promotion’s most promising card yet. The stacked lineup features Lucha Underground and former TNA Impact star Joey Ryan, whose unique mix of charm, humor and technical wrestling prowess has established him as an independent wrestling legend. Ryan will face 'The Best Ever' Sammy Guevara, a rising star and gifted highflyer who recently had a tryout with the WWE. This will be Guevara’s West Coast debut.

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Franklin Students Walk Out Over Trump Election

by LA1 News

A group of more than 50 students walked out of classes and filed northbound this morning on North Figueroa Street. The students, many dressed in Franklin High School shirts, skipped classes and held their peaceful moving protest against the election of Donald Trump to President of the United States. The students shouted "F*ck Trump" as they filed past the Veteran's Memorial Square and northward toward Luther Burbank Middle School.

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Firefighters Extinguish Mansion Fire and Restore Mount Washington Community

by Stephanie Papp

Helicopters hovered over the 4000 block of Sea View Avenue during the late night hours of October 13, while a constant stream of fire trucks squeezed through the narrow streets leading to the top of Mount Washington. The sound of a huge explosion echoed through the canyon, followed by blue-colored flames blasting to the sky. Windows throughout a massive home imploded from the heat of the raging fire that quickly engulfed the 9,112 square-foot mansion. Fire trucks with screeching sirens could be heard from far down the hill as they made their way to the top of Mount Washington from every possible road. Yet more explosions caused fireballs to shoot into the sky. Yellow, orange, and red flames swallowed the mansion in one bite, resulting in huge plumes of smoke billowing throughout the air. It was a site which Mount Washington residents dread to think of, but are lucky enough to rarely experience.


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