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July 4th: No Time for Celebration for Indigenous Peoples in US

from TeleSUR:

by Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz

   The Anglo-American settlers’ violent break from Britain, from 1775 to 1783, paralleled a decade of their search and destroy annihilation of Delaware, Cherokee, Muskogee, Seneca, Mohawk, Shawnee, Miami and other nations’ villages and fields, slaughtering the residents without distinction of age or gender and overrunning the boundaries of the 13 colonies into un-ceded Native American territories.

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The Snarky Conservative by Dixon Diaz

from The Snarky Conservative:

by Dixon Diaz

   Dixon Diaz is an American social critic who hosts a Facebook page called "The Snarky Conservative With Dixon Diaz."

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OPINION: Latino Micro-Businesses and the American Dream

by Heberto M. Sanchez, MPA

   It has been said that Latinos are the “sleeping giant” in the realm of US politics. Some will even argue that this giant is now slowly awakening. The historic sleeping giant analogy has also been used in reference to Latinos’ purchasing power and our ability to affect trends. Most frequently, the term is applied in these instances as a reference to Latinos becoming small business owners in increasing numbers. According to the US Department of Commerce, in 2012 there were 3.3 million Latino-owned businesses generating $474 billion in revenue. Today, there are an estimated 4.1 million Latino-owned businesses generating $661 billion in revenue. The entrepreneur spirit is alive and growing within the Latino population of the United States.


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